A Course In Miracles – Easter, The Jesus Effect.

Last night I was watching Zeffirelli’s version of “Jesus of Nazareth”. It has a particular energy, with some of the scenes really hitting the mark, especially where Jesus tells the story of the prodigal son. It’s nice to re-engage with the story of Jesus, because it helps to put everything into perspective. Your Kingdom is NOT of this world…Don’t lay up stores…Be not concerned with what to wear or eat or drink. Jesus is really saying He knows that you ARE doing those things, and that your happiness will not be found in these things or this world.

A Course In Miracles expresses the nature of your dilemma with complete perfection. Not as a judgment but as an exposure, an exposure to the fear that keeps you bound. The ideas, the beliefs, the things, that control your life. In the truest sense having these limitations brought to your attention is only the beginning. A good human will take all of this on board and attempt to control, maintain or ignore these things in some sort of attempt to OVERCOME all the “bad” things, while trying to focus on the “good” things. I call this treading water. Fundamentally, it’s a poor use of the Power of Will. You will eventually get the results of your Will, after much struggle and life times of pain. But I guess that’s better than the alternative…giving up. Until you can see just how much you love this dream (nightmare) hope of change lies in the future.

Is it so hard to believe that an all Powerful, Eternal, Loving Father would want to give you everything? Why is it such a struggle to think that if God takes care of the birds and the flowers that you would NOT be taken care of? And that is the transformation, from separate identity to one joined in Him, as a Single Identity. From your split/separate self you can not even imagine what that would be like, yet you are NOT separate nor can you BE separate. All your conflict/fear lies in your miserable attempt to maintain the fantasy that you can be separate. What a funny, yet terrible thing to want to do.

Jesus tells us to not be concerned for He has over-come the world. Through a single moment of Acceptance you too can experience the relief that comes with The Jesus Effect.

Happy Easter!
He IS Risen, He is Risen, INDEED!!