A Course In Miracles – Color, Sound, Frequency + Light.

Having just finished my Diploma of Visual Art, I have been in a semi elated/exhausted state. And the thing that has been filtering in through all of this is the nature of sound. I recently received the 29 page manuscript “Notes On Sound” that Helen wrote in response to Bills question about the value of Kirlian Photography…”The answer to Bill’s question essentially was: No, light was not the important phenomenon; sound was.”from Absence from Felicity.

There was also, for me,  the discovery of The Rife Microscope and the Nemescope. Royal Rife was using sound frequencies to transform “diseased” cells. After watching the video twice I still can’t tell exactly what actually happened, but there was some form of mutation which wasn’t expected. The Nemescope came along later and showed images from within the atomic structure. You can see detailed pictures from the The Nemescope here.

So here I am in the middle of this sort of instructional download but as yet without any real solid direction in terms of teaching or expressing this through my artwork. But there is plenty of stuff “swirling” around, which I am certain will find it’s way out, one way or another. There are no real concerns about a result, that has never been the point. I can feel something building and with a blank canvas and time on my hands I am simply following the way that is shown to me. I have also starting playing the guitar again. Which is helping me to hear better.

Seeing that everything is a frequency may seem fairly obvious but when it becomes experiential you have a better understanding of WHY “…at no single instant does the body exist”. ACIM

Color now has another dimension due to its  frequency and my response is to question how I can use color and sound to engage in a dialogue or to better communicate this message of awakening. There is something happening to me around the idea of oscillation and sound waves, and the improvement in communication and healing. Hearing in ranges beyond the body, a sort of eternal frequency that can lift a particle, can transcend time and space and can oscillate a particle into ranges beyond perception.

Let me know if you having “sound stuff” go on for you and what you find out from it, I would love to know. Meanwhile, it would be remiss of me to not remind you that we are only dealing with color, sound, light and frequency on SUCH a narrow band that, in terms of the eternal, it barely shows up on the big board.